⚠️ 98.4% of Casino Social Media Ads Ignore Responsible Gambling

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Lately, there’s been a lot of fuss about gambling marketing and ads in the UK. This has prompted various organizations to pay more attention to the matter.

The latest
issues of casino commercials and online ads have also attracted the attention
of Northumbria University. Their students have conducted research on social media ads of casinos and their affiliate partners.

Turns out, only 1.6% of ads include any information related to responsible gambling.

remaining 98.4% simply ignore the sensitive social problem and make no mention
of safe gambling. This can be understood from a business perspective.

advertisement regulators and other official bodies have been punishing such
behaviour lately. From this data alone, it would seem that casinos simply don’t
care about the well-being of their customers and gamblers.

The Social Media Research

The study explored
the most popular gambling operators in the UK. To be exact, 40 Twitter accounts
of the most profitable companies were the focus here.

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social media pages such as those on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram were not
analysed. This is important, as each platform has its own rules which affect
the communication strategies.

Regardless of that, only one in roughly 62 ads promoted responsible gambling. Most of them were posted by the casino brands themselves. The accounts of their affiliate companies almost didn’t mention this at all.

Why Does It Matter?

In short, regulators
see this as a harmful way of communicating with the customer. That’s due to
problem gambling and risks that spontaneous habits of playing casino games
might pose.

By reminding to play safe and stop when the fun stops, casinos can decrease the number of problem gamblers. If not directly, this can at least be done by raising awareness within all the circles of society. This includes both gamblers and non-gamblers too.

On the
other hand, ignoring these issues doesn’t help and can even harm players who
are already at risk. That’s why socially responsible ads are such a big deal.

Unlimited Access for

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issue with social media marketing on gambling is that everyone can reach it at
any time. This includes minors who can get direct access to casino promotions,
despite restrictions to advertise this form of entertainment for children.

This poses
another threat to Twitter accounts of casinos and their partners. Knowing how
strict the watchdogs have been lately to the offenders, this news will once
more negatively impact the industry and particular brands.

Is There an Excuse?

How can we explain such behaviour of the admins or writers responsible for the online campaigns? Are they doing it on purpose? Or do they not know the implications of the fact that they omit safe gambling promotion?

they know very well what’s going on. However, we think there are two reasons
why they might be reluctant in this case:

Safe gambling promotion might reduce their incomeTwitter posts only allow that many characters

First of
all, casinos are businesses. From this perspective, safe gambling isn’t in
their interests. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they should ignore it as
they do. Yet, it might explain why some of them choose this strategy.

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On the other hand, Twitter only allows 280 characters per tweet. You’d think the writers might be reluctant to promote safe behaviour because they might have to skip other important information instead.

However, this is not an excuse either. They could make their texts more concise to fit in everything. Or, they could use visual elements to remind players to be careful too.

Besides, most tweets don’t even hit the limit anyway, according to TechCrunch: https://techcrunch.com/2018/10/30/twitters-doubling-of-character-count-from-140-to-280-had-little-impact-on-length-of-tweets/

What Could Be Done?

All casino companies and affiliates, whether they’re popular or not, could include the reminders to gamble responsibly. In fact, they should be doing that as it is described by official regulation.

Code for Socially Responsible Advertising states:

“It is good practice to include social responsibility messaging in all forms of gambling where it is practicable to do so, however, it is a requirement of the Industry Code that messaging should appear on all broadcast media.”

🔖 – Read the full code here.

Not only
that, using these recommendations would certainly not harm the business. While
it may result in a small decrease in cash flow, it’s a financially lucrative
practice in the long run.

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With so
much attention paid to the marketing practices these days, working in
compliance with the regulators would boost the company’s standing. Players
would trust the brand more and come to play there more often as opposed to
socially ignorant operators.

It should
also be possible to make casino-related social media accounts invisible to
underage internet users. This is a more difficult matter though, as such
censorship could impact the brand’s overall reach.

TL;DR – There’s no excuse for omitting information
that could benefit the users, especially those at risk. It should soon become the
only acceptable online marketing strategy too.

Author: Joseph Hughes