Microgaming Donates £50k to Charity

microgaming play it forward logo

microgaming play it forward logo

Microgaming’s ‘Play It Forward’ has passed the £50,000 mark in donations made since last April in the Isle of Man.

It’s been a year since PlayItForward program launched this charity scheme. The main idea is that all of Microgaming’s employees can nominate worthy causes and vote for them.

Those that receive the largest back-up receive certain sums of money in charitable donations. The first anniversary of this campaign coincided with an impressive milestone and will, hopefully, become an honourable tradition.

PlayItForward’s Contributions to the Society

PlayItForward is Microgaming’s program dedicated to altruistic causes for the local society in Isle of Man (where Microgaming is headquartered). They support and donate funds to all sorts of sectors including:


The branch is active since 2014 and has so far raised £1.5 million in donations to various projects.

The voting system for employees is only one of the many projects that ‘Play It Forward’ is running. In mere 12 months, it has attracted over 4,000 unique votes from within the company.

This has resulted in fifty grand that have been donated to organizations such as:

The relative success of this project was a cause for celebration to its managers. Kate Moughtin, Microgaming’s senior CSR Manager rejoiced:

“We have been overwhelmed by employee support for this new way of voting for good causes through PlayItForward.“

She also mentioned that the activity regarding this social support has increased ten times since the initial launch. So, the people who work in the industry are more than happy to support their community and those in need.

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The Community’s Response

As you might imagine, the foundations and funds which received support from Microgaming were more than delighted. The founder of Craig’s Heartstrong Foundation, Paula Lunt, talked about this to the press:

“My charity is about screening young people from the age of 14 to 35. We’ve screened over 8,000 young people and detected about 150 heart problems to date.

We also donate defibrillators, having donated over 300 on the island. I would just like to thank everyone for voting for the Craig Heartstrong Foundation, the PlayItForward donation is amazing, it means so much and went towards our screening at the beginning of April.”

Donations to Good Causes in the Gambling Industry

Microgaming is the oldest Isle of Man-based casino software provider and the most successful one at that, too. Thus, it has the resources needed to make a difference at home.

After all, their business achievements explain how they can run such impactful campaigns:

Software available in hundreds of casinos across dozens of marketsSupplying sites in different countries and languagesOver 800 casino software titles released

The effect of their donations is clearly visible in the small island community. However, even if they worked in much larger communities, they’d get proper attention. People value responsible and generous businesses these days.

(🔖 According to Fortune, companies that give back are more successful.)

As of now, Microgaming is doing much more than most other gambling-related companies. For this, it would be fair to call them one of the most socially responsible companies today.

Is Microgaming the Only One Donating?

As far as casino game studios and casino operators are involved, Microgaming is the largest benefactor. Few others are running similar campaigns.

Several casinos are operating in order to donate their profits (or a portion of them) to various charities. Some companies providing white label gambling platforms, such as Aspire Global, have also contributed to other causes.

However, gambling websites themselves rarely do this. Mostly, it’s game studios and developers who display socially conscious and sensitive mind-set.

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Pariplay, for example, has recently made a deal with Save the Rhino International. They’ve promised to send 10% of their profits on Rumble Rhino slot to the charity.

IGT and Scientific Games also offer charity to non-profit organizations on their websites. However, those wishing to receive donations have to apply for support first.

On the other hand, no company today has so much determination in helping others as Microgaming. The scale of PlayItForward is simply huge compared to other campaigns and partnerships.

The National Lottery Donations

Microgaming’s efforts seem huge only as long as we don’t include the National Lottery into the equation. During the 2017-2018 yearly period, the official lottery has contributed £1.5 billion to good causes.

(That’s 1,000x more than PlayItForward ever raised through all their means and campaigns since the beginning.)

The difference here is that The National Lottery (NL) is obliged to do this. It’s an official business that belongs to the government, after all. All the other lotteries, casinos and gambling businesses are private.

Being profit-oriented institutions, they aren’t bound by law to make any kinds of contributions to society (except in the form of taxes). In this light, Microgaming looks even better. Unlike the NL, they’re sharing their profits on their own accord.

Should Other Private Companies Follow Suit?

It’s an example that could be followed by other successful companies. Even the smaller ones could make some small donations to good causes.

Why? We think it would be a mutually positive practice because:

Gambling businesses would show that they care about the peopleOrganizations and individuals who really need the support would receive it

This would improve the quality of life for at least some segments of society. Plus, knowing that most people don’t trust gambling firms, donating a small part of their profit would improve their public image.

In short, it’s a win-win situation.

panoramic view of douglas in the isle of man

Douglas, the Isle of Man

Supporting Responsible Gambling

On the bright side, many firms that make a profit from gamblers also support responsible gambling funds. While this is directly related to their businesses and immediate clients, supporting such organizations is a start.

For this reason, we believe that casino operators and slot developers alike are capable of sharing some of their income. This way, people who accuse casinos of greed could be proven wrong.

Author: Joseph Hughes